History of Suhache village

The village of Suhache is situated in the Danube Valley and it is located 8 km northwest of the town of Cherven bryag and 66 km southwest of Pleven, and the capital Sofia is 132 km away.

Its altitude is about 190 meters. The climate is temperate and it is characterized by substantially cold winters and hot summers.

Suhatche village
Suhatche village
Suhatche village

The Iskar river passes near the village. It offers great opportunities for water tourism, line a fishing, beach, and varied outdoor recreation. South of Cherven bryag near the village of Gornik the river goes into a canyon that, although not as impressive as the Iskar Gorge, is an attractive tourist destination.

A good place to visit is the village of Reselets (14 km south). Goups of rock towers with a height of 20-30 meters, which resemble different figures can be seen there. The most famous of these are the Dolls and the Coupe. High in the rocks by the river Rechenе you can see a rock window, which forms a clear figure of an elephant together with the rocks around it. About a kilometer away from the village, there is a region called Propadaloto – a location, which sank about 30 meters and is surrounded by sheer cliffs.

There is indescribable scenery in the vicinity of Suhache village.

Do not hesitate to visit these areas that will contribute to your relaxation and rest.