guest house Luxia

Welcome to the official web site of Luxia guest house.

Located in northwest of Bulgaria, near Cherven bryag municipality, between the regions of Pleven and Vratsa, only 120 km from Sofia.

Nestled in the picturesque ForeBalkan the village of Suhache is surrounded by lime tree and oak forests, beautiful landscapes, dams and forest paths. The fresh air, quietness and hospitality of the hosts will make you forget the problems of daily life.

From the terraces of the house there is a wonderful view of the woods. The house is situated on the outskirts of the Suhache village and borderes on woods. An old Rome road runs around it.

Още в самото пристигане в района на къщата ще ви погълне зеленината и красотата на природата около нея. Тя не само ще Ви зареди с положителна енергия, но и ще Ви предразположи към активна почивка с Вашето семейство и приятели.

Arriving at the area of the house you will be enchanted by greenery and beauty of nature around it . It will not only bring you positive energy, but you will also predispose you to active holidays with your family and friends.

The guest house in the village of Suhache was built to satisfy the interest of tourists for traditions, customs, culture, agriculture and other activities, as well as the natural, historical and cultural features of the region in peace and informal human relationships.

Recreation in comfort, peace and clean environment can be combined with cognitive ecotourism. It is a combination of natural resources, cultural and historical sites and human resources in a wonderful place to relax in a natural environment that differs from mass tourism, and at a distance from the busy resorts.

We wish you a pleasant and unforgettable moments.